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Cardano Academy Blockchain Educator

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What We’re Looking For:

We are looking for an experienced educator/instructor with a background in information technology or computer/electrical engineering. The ideal candidate will be someone who is passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency and wants to provide training for/ and build successful relationships with partner organisations.


What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Providing training on Cardano blockchain technology to our partner organisations.
  • Mentoring our partner organisation members to pass Cardano education courses and to receive Cardano blockchain certificates.
  • Receiving training on Cardano blockchain from the Research and Education department in Cardano Foundation.
  • Preparing teaching materials based on the received internal training resources and incorporating them based on the actual context into the external training activities.


What We Look For In You:

  • Experience teaching technical subjects in information technology (IT) or computer-related topics.
  • Passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies specially Cardano blockchain.
  • Familiar with Cardano blockchain technology.
  • Enjoy working in adult education with a particular interest in actively breaking down gender gap in technology.


What you can expect in the first two months:

  • Receive internal training on Cardano blockchain technology fundamentals from the Research and Education department.


What we expect from you in the third month:

  • Organise the training material to present to our partner organisations.


What we expect from you in the fourth month and later:

  • Provide training based on the prepared training material to Women in Tech members and other partners.


About Us

Cardano Foundation has incredible employees from over 24 nationalities, across 3 continents which you will work collegiately to grow the Foundation.

Here at Cardano Foundation’s we are transparent, inclusive, passionate and innovative. As such our mission is to have a positive impact on global change and breed a harmonious working environment for our employees to flourish.



  • Our employees have the flexibility and freedom to work from home with flexible working hours.
  • All Cardano foundation employees will have access to a personal annual learning budget dedicated to personal professional and personal development.
  • A day a year is dedicated to a departmental team activity fun day out.
  • Cardano Foundation gives the opportunity to its employees to dedicate a volunteering day to help the greater community or to be an expert in your field of work within the blockchain community.
  • Employees are given additional day off for their birthday.
  • Cardano Foundation also rewards days off as per established work anniversaries milestones.

Cardano Foundation strives to provide a diverse, inclusive and welcoming working environment. We are committed being a discrimination free organisation – including discrimination free space with regards to age, religion, race, nationality/ethnic origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Supporting & growing the Cardano ecosystem

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