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Sr. Auditor (Regulatory)

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$109k - $133k per year

Silvergate Capital Corporation (NYSE: SI) is the leading provider of innovative financial infrastructure solutions and services for the growing digital currency industry. The Company’s real-time payments platform, known as the Silvergate Exchange Network, is at the heart of its customer-centric suite of payments, lending and funding solutions serving an expanding class of digital currency companies and investors around the world. Silvergate is enabling the rapid growth of digital currency markets and reshaping global commerce for a digital currency future. Challenging convention by empowering people allows us to exceed expectations for our clients while cultivating an awesome culture.

The mission of Internal Audit (IA) is to enhance and protect organizational value by providing risk-based and objective assurance, advice, and insight. Internal Audit helps Silvergate accomplish its objective by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management, and control process. IA is directly responsible to the Audit Committee of the Board and this role will report to the Director of Internal Audit (Regulatory) and contribute to the development and implementation of a comprehensive, risk-based internal audit program including the management of outsourced work.

Sr. Auditor (Regulatory) will have great exposure to many areas across the bank, the opportunity to collaborate with employees at different levels of the entity, and will participate in various internal audit processes, such as the development of the annual audit plan and risk assessment, audit engagement planning and coordination related to the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and other regulatory requirements, issue management, Quality Assurance and Improvement Program, and/or strategic initiatives within IA.


Internal Audit Project Management and Delivery

  • Act as liaison to firms contracted to perform outsourced internal audits
  • Coordinate the planning, organization, and reporting of internal audit engagements including those with a focus on BSA/AML compliance, OFAC compliance, and other regulatory requirements
  • Assist / counsel management on how they can properly document their internal controls and processes
  • Assist external auditors and regulators in the execution of their duties as needed
  • Assist with ad-hoc requests or projects as needed
  • Identify and report any practices that may be misleading, unfair, deceptive and/or abusive in nature and cause harm to consumers
  • Select and use appropriate research, business intelligence, and problem-solving techniques to analyze and solve complex situations including those related to BSA/AML, OFAC, and other regulatory requirement risks associated with audit engagements
  • Apply the organization’s audit methodology and carry out the audit procedures to meet the specific audit engagement objectives
  • Maintain objectivity throughout the audit engagements
  • Maintain up-to-date competencies required for effective internal audit delivery

Governance, Risk and Control Culture

  • Assist with strategic initiatives within the Internal Audit Department
  • Contribute to the development of risk-oriented culture within the organization
  • Maintain a comprehensive insight into the organization’s current and emerging risk profile
  • Create audit engagement plans based on the risk and its impact on the organization
  • Apply the concepts of controls during audit activities to include identifying the applicable BSA/AML, OFAC, and other regulatory requirement controls that mitigate the applicable BSA/AML, OFAC, and other regulatory requirement risks
  • Ensure internal audit activities are aligned with and enhance the organization’s enterprise risk management strategy and risk profile
  • Ensure that proposals for improvements to internal controls are balanced with organizational objectives and capabilities
  • Assess the potential for fraud risk and identify common types of fraud associated with the organization
  • Maintain knowledge of the organization and its risks
  • Maintain industry specific knowledge appropriate to the audit engagements and to the organization
  • Maintain a current understanding of the latest global developments, regulatory and legal requirements for audit and the overall organization
  • Maintain knowledge of the technical aspects of regulatory, financial, and operational concepts, standards, systems, and reporting processes
  • Demonstrate sound working knowledge of the quality control frameworks relevant to the audit engagements
  • Evaluate the quality control frameworks operated by the organization
  • Take into account the mission, strategic objectives, business, operations, and cultural aspects of the organization

Job Dimensions

  • Responsible for meeting deadlines and completing projects within established timeframes
  • Supervision is generally provided to establish and review broad objectives relative to basic job duties
  • Independent judgment is required to study previously established, often partially relevant, guidelines, plan various interrelated activities and coordinate such activities while completing a project
  • Problem solving involves identification and analysis of diverse problems, answers are usually found by reviewing complex regulatory reference materials and Bank procedures and applying them to Bank practices. Guidance is usually provided on specific sources to review and solutions/recommendations are reviewed prior to report finalization
  • Secures the trust of others through positive use of open communication
  • Upholds service orientated attitude
  • Maintains independence and objectivity in all situations
  • Maintain current knowledge of all federal and state laws and regulations, including BSA/AML and OFAC regulatory requirements, along with the Bank’s policies and procedures
  • Must adhere to the company’s core values of Challenge Convention, Do What’s Right, Take Ownership, Empower People, Exceed Expectations, and Cultivate Awesome all while keeping our “Why?” front of mind. Our Why? Silvergate is the banking platform for innovators, and we believe in the power of entrepreneurs to create prosperity for our communities
  • Not to harm consumers with any act that could be misleading, unfair, deceptive, or abusive in act or practice


  • 7+ years of experience in internal audit/external audit/risk control positions, preferably in banking or Fintech organizations
  • 2+ years of experience leading or managing internal audit projects
  • Experience in leading or managing BSA/AML and OFAC audit engagements
  • Deep demonstrated commitment to continuously obtain and maintain knowledge of existing and evolving banking statutes and regulations and associated advisory opinions/interpretive letters
  • Strong analytical, project management, and organizational skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to build strong relationships and communicate with stakeholders at all levels, provide a high degree of customer service, learn quickly, be flexible, multi-task and adjust priorities and focus as needed
  • Enthusiastic, effective under pressure and willing to take ownership
  • Active CIA, CPA, or other relevant certification preferred

BANK SECRECY ACT Responsible for adhering to the reporting and recordkeeping requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering rules and regulations, observing economic sanctions by prohibiting transactions as specified by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), following the bank’s customer identification program (CIP) rules, observing all Bank policies and procedures relating to BSA, OFAC, CIP, and related acts, and participation in ongoing related training.

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