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Beyond Avatars: How AI is Reshaping Online Identity

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In this episode Sinéad Bovell and Danny Postma discuss how artificial intelligence is changing the world of modeling, and more broadly, the way that we all represent ourselves. Listen in to understand how this game-changing technology is fundamentally reshaping digital expression. 00:00 - Introduction 03:08 - The key insights 08:00 - The photo studio of the future 09:44 - Programs and models behind deep fakes 10:58 - How the technology is used today 12:36 - How real is today’s content? 15:29 - The cost of a virtual model 17:13 - Industry benefits 19:28 - Market appetite 23:25 - Evolving tech 25:15 - Unlocking a new wave of creativity 28:38 - Future predictions 30:23 - Keeping up with tech 32:02 - Finding a moat 34:09 - Stacked AI models 35:25 - Running your own GPUs and models 37:33 - Product ideas Resources: * Find Danny Postma on Twitter: * Find Sinéad Bovell on Instagram: * WAYE on Instagram: * Find Danny’s projects (Headshot Pro, ProfilePicture.Ai plus more): * Sinead's Vogue article: Stay Updated: * Find a16z on Twitter: * Find a16z on LinkedIn: * Subscribe on your favorite podcast app: * Follow our host: Please note that the content here is for informational purposes only; should NOT be taken as legal, business, tax, or investment advice or be used to evaluate any investment or security; and is not directed at any investors or potential investors in any a16z fund. For more details please see