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Bitcoin will hit $288,000 | PlanB explains why

Scott Melker
145K subscribers

With over 25 years of experience in institutional investing, PlanB migrated his skills over to the world of cryptocurrencies, creating Bitcoin’s famous Stock-to-Flow temuland crypto glossary stock-to-flow model The stock-to-flow model measures the current stock of an asset against the flow of new production or how much is mined in a year.Learn more price predictive model. Praised around the world for its stellar accuracy, PlanB predicts that BitcoinBitcoin1$ 67,714.930.18%-6.01%-15.89%details will hit $288K or even higher during the current cycle. PlanB’s confidence in the model is so strong that he believes the leading cryptocurrency is more likely to reach $250K or $300K than it is to plateau around $100k during this cycle.

0:00 Intro
1:12 Where are we in the bull cycle?
3:29 Onchain data
6:27 Do we see supply side shock on exchanges?
7:28 How PlanB developed Stock-To-Flow model
11:04 Halving in the Stock-To-Flow model
12:18 The Stock-To-Flow model accuracy
13:20 Stock-To-Flow Cross Asset model
17:53 What happens after BTC hits $288K
21:35 Bitcoin scarcity
24:40 $100 trillion USD
27:02 Sponsor: Nexo
27:56 Sponsor: Cosmos
28:58 Why do we still use fiat based economies?
31:24 Financial education, or the lack of it
32:46 What Bitcoin can do for you?
37:45 Will central banks have Bitcoin on balance sheets
40:00 The end game for the USD
42:43 Can Bitcoin become the new world reserve currency?
45:33 Will pension funds invest in Bitcoin
48:01 Bitcoin’s number one risk
49:46 Why CBDCs will fail
51:26 Scarcity in the Stock-To-Flow model
54:55 Derivatives’ role in Bitcoin’s valuation
58:07 $5,000,000 Bitcoin
59:30 How many Bitcoin are lost
1:00:50 Altcoins explosion & Elon Musk

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