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Deep Dive into Ichimoku Cloud

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00:00 Introduction
00:50 Charting Tool
01:20 Chart Settings
01:33 Ichimoku Cloud Agenda
02:00 What Does Ichimoku Cloud Do?
02:57 Ichimoku Cloud Example
03:40 5 Parts of the Ichimoku Cloud
04:50 5 Parts of the Ichimoku Cloud
05:51 Long [Bullish] Identifier Checklist
06:35 Macro Bullish Ichimoku
07:30 Short [Bearish] Identifier Checklist
08:00 Macro Bearish Ichimoku
09:00 Thin Ichimoku = Rapid Price Change
09:39 Thick Ichimoku = Slower Price Change and Turning Point
10:30 Charts – we will look at today
10:40 Bullish Ichimoku Signal – LINK Dec 21,31
11:50 Bearish Ichimoku Signal – LINK Dec 28th
12:33 Bullish Ichimoku Signal – Fantom Since Dec
13:20 Bullish Ichimoku Signal – Cosmos 30th Dec
13:58 Bearish Ichimoku Signal – XRP
15:00 Bearish Ichimoku Signal – Netflix
16:20 Conclusion
16:38 Warning – It is an Indicator
16:59 Ichimoku Cloud Conclusions

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