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How Fedimint Scales Bitcoin with Obi Nwosu

What Bitcoin Did
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SHOW NOTES: Obi Nwosu is a co-founder of Fedimint and a board member of Jack Dorsey’s and Jay-Z’s ₿trust. In this interview, we discuss the mission of Fedimint: empowering communities around the world by allowing them to take control of their money. We also talk about the importance of trust models in relation to storing Bitcoin in Fedimint. THIS EPISODE’S SPONSORS: Iris Energy - Wasabi - Ledn - Ledger - Unchained - SUPPORT THE SHOW: → Become a Patron: → Subscribe on iTunes → Leave a review on iTunes → Share the show out with your friends and family on social media → Drop me a line on [email protected] → TIMESTAMPS: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:04:57 What is Fedimint 00:10:54 Example use case - West African farming cooperative 00:18:33 Volatility risk: stablecoins and stability pools 00:25:24 Live Demo - Lightning transaction via Fedimint 00:37:51 Comparison to Liquid; benefits for Lightning Network 00:48:58 The trust dynamic of Fedimint 00:59:30 Live Demo 2 - setting up a Federation; private key backup 01:19:48 Fedimint chat function; making offline payments 01:30:31 Fedimint actions to aid Bitcoin adoption WHERE TO FIND THE SHOW: → My website: → iTunes: → Spotify: → Stitcher: → SoundCloud: → YouTube: → TuneIn: LISTEN TO OLD EPISODES: → By guest: → By topic: → Transcriptions: WHERE TO FOLLOW ME: → Twitter: → Medium: → Instagram: → Facebook: → YouTube: → Website: → Email list: LEARN ABOUT BITCOIN: → Step by Step Guide: → Training: → Resources: #Bitcoin #Finance #Economics ****
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