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Photobash in Midjourney without Photoshop! (Tutorial & Tips!)

Theoretically Media
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Let's explore how to Photobash in Midjourney, without using Photoshop. In this video, I'll take you through the concept of Photobashing and show you how you can create your own images to use as image prompts with Midjourney. And we'll do it without needing to know Photoshop, or even needing to own photoshop! Of course, you might be wondering, why should I bother with Photobashing when I can just text prompt? Well, I go through some of those reasons in the video, but you'll quickly see that the technique is very useful for everything from subtle edits to creating characters and scenes! FREE PDF CHEATSHEET: LINKS Affinity Photo: GIMP: Adobe Background Remover: Follow Me on Twitter: ------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching Theoretically Media! I cover a large range of topics here on the Creative AI space, Technology, Tutorials, and Reviews! Please enjoy your time here, and subscribe! Your comments mean a LOT to me, and I read and try to respond to every one of them, so please do drop any thoughts, suggestions, questions, or topic requests!
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