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The Most Important Question in the World Today

Robert Breedlove
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"What is Money?" is the rabbit that leads us down the proverbial rabbit hole. It is the most important question for finding truth in the world. In this series, we will pursue this "rabbit" by engaging in a diversity of deep conversations with deep thinkers from different walks of life. The 'What is Money?' series: // SPONSORS // In Wolf's Clothing: iCoin Hardware Wallet (use discount code BITCOIN23): CrowdHealth: Wasabi Wallet: Join Me at Bitcoin 2023 in Miami (use discount code BREEDLOVE): Casa (use discount code BREEDLOVE): Bitcoin Apparel (use discount code BREEDLOVE): Feel Free Tonics (use discount code BREEDLOVE): Carnivore Bar (use discount code BREEDLOVE): // OUTLINE // 00:00:00 - Coming up 00:00:57 - Intro 00:02:31 - Helping Lightning Startups with In Wolf's Clothing 00:03:18 - Money is a Tool that Allows Economy to Take Place - Jeff Snider (WiM081) 00:05:45 - Money is Power - Michael Saylor (WiM005) 00:06:39 - An Agreed Concept for Our Time - Jeff Booth (WiM012) 00:09:26 - Money is Freedom - Zuby (WiM031) 00:11:43 - Money is Technology - Dominic Frisby (WiM020) 00:13:56 - The Importance of asking “What is Money?” - Sunny Ray (WiM027) 00:16:34 - Money is Intrinsic to Us and the Way We Communicate - Chris Espley (WiM010) 00:18:24 - Money is an Extension of Mind - Preston Pysh (WiM072) 00:20:50 - Secure Your Bitcoin Stash with The iCoin Hardware Wallet 00:21:47 - Take Control of Your Healthcare with CrowdHealth 00:22:49 - A Bitcoin Wallet with Privacy Built-In: Wasabi Wallet 00:23:24 - The Statist’s Money vs. The Fantasy Money - Brent Johnson (WiM032) 00:25:39 - Sound Money as an Insurance Policy - Robert Kiyosaki (WiM033) 00:27:30 - The Single Most Important Question in the World Today - Anthony Pompliano (WiM034) 00:29:48 - The More Fundamental the Realm the More You Should be Afraid of Coercion - Alex Epstein (WiM035) 00:32:15 - Money is a Way to Store Your Excess Productivity - George Gammon (WiM036) 00:34:16 - Money is an Accepted Commodity - Bob Murphy (WiM037) 00:34:52 - Money is a Liquid Fitness - Geoffrey Miller (WiM038) 00:35:33 - Money is a Stored Time - Kiara Bickers (WiM041) 00:37:15 - Money as a (Psycho)technology - John Vervaeke (WiM048) 00:41:58 - The Fungibility of Money - Eric Weinstein (WiM108) 00:42:33 - A Chance to Win Discounted Tickets to the Bitcoin 2023 Conference and 10M SATS 00:43:28 - Hold Bitcoin in the Most Secure Custody Model with Casa 00:44:16 - The Most Beautiful Lie? - Santiago Velez (WiM090) 00:47:19 - Money Doesn't Equal Happiness - Russell Lacour (WiM084) 00:49:31 - Money is Language - Neil Passero (WiM094) 00:51:57 - Money isn't a Thing that Comes to Us Naturally - Bradley Rettler (WiM110) 00:56:32 - Money is the Most Valueless Thing - Lester (WiM125) 00:59:19 - Money is an Accepted Means of Exchange - Noam Chomsky (WiM127) // PODCAST // Podcast Website: Apple Podcast: Spotify: RSS Feed: // SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL // Bitcoin: 3D1gfxKZKMtfWaD1bkwiR6JsDzu6e9bZQ7 Sats via Strike: Sats via Dollars via Paypal: Dollars via Venmo: The "What is Money?" Show Patreon Page: // WRITTEN WORK // Medium: Substack: // SOCIAL // Breedlove Twitter: WiM? Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: TikTok: All My Current Work:
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