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Unbelievable Realism with Midjourney AI v5

Hacking Modern Life
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A full tutorial on how to create AI Avatars, app icons, and realistic images with Midjourney AI v5. What is new in Midjourney v5? What works better, what is worse, and what can be done now? More prompting tips, proper hands and faces, more realistic images. How to use existing images as input for AI generation, and tips on how to upload images to discord. Curious what is new in Midjourney v5? That's the place to learn! Join our Discord to try out Midjourney for yourself. How does Midjourney work, and tips to prompt it: More tools: Codeformer - to fix faces: ESRGAN - to upscale images: More tips for prompting: Olivio Sarikas Channel (A bunch of prompting tips): Matt Wolfe channel (A lot of AI tips): PiXimperfect - Last selfie on Earth:
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