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US Banking Crisis: The TRUTH Behind The Disaster & How It Will GET WORSE… | Robert Breedlove

Tom Bilyeu
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Upgrade Your Life in 7 Days Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: On Today's Episode: The banking crisis we’re experiencing has us at a tipping point we can’t ignore. Hopefully it's causing you to be more thoughtful about money, what it really is, how it works, and how you can better leverage it. The banking system is set up in a way that encourages hyperinflation and incentivizes more debt and investment strategies as a hedge against inflation. The current $8 trillion dollar bailout package happening over the last three years is 10 times over the 2008 bailouts! This is for sure cause for alarm. Robert Breedlove has been the bitcoin philosopher and thought leader for hundreds of millions of people. He’s a freedom maximalist, and bitcoin philosopher that offers food for thought that can melt your brain. His breakdown of inflation being a version of legal theft will grab your attention when you hear about inflation from the context of systemic theft. How many more trillions of dollars will the Fed continue to print and how many more banks will have to collapse before we have your full attention on the economic disaster happening? QUOTES: “Inflation is legal counterfeiting, counterfeiting is criminal inflation. So central banking is a coordinated currency counterfeiting cartel that runs the world.” “Only in the fraud of fractional reserve banking is the specter of a bank run even possible whatsoever. I think that's very important to note.” “This entire system of fractional reserve banking is not made to persist. It cannot persist over time because you fundamentally have a mismatch of assets and liabilities.” “The central bank has not only the precedent but also the incentive to continue printing the money until the currency hyperinflation into worthlessness.” Follow Robert Breedlove: YouTube: Twitter: LinkedIn: Podcast: Instagram:
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