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The Crypto Basics

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The Crypto Basics

This is where you jumpstart your Crypto knowledge. Learn the crypto basics of Blockchain and Bitcoin. Find out how Bitcoins are mined and how the network gets secured. Discover what FIAT money stands for and how it came to be. This will be the start of your journey into the Cryptoverse. Have fun finding out how deep the rabbit hole goes!
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FIAT - money by decree

glossary-term Fiat Money

Humankind used various types of mediums of exchange during its history. From seashells to gold. FIAT money, money by decree, inconvertible and irredeemable, is the most recent monetary experiment we adopted as standard. Find out what it really is and how it works.

≈ 12min

Digital gold... for starters

glossary-term Bitcoin

It all started with Bitcoin, the genesis of the whole Crypto ecosystem. In order to begin your journey into this fascinating topic, Bitcoin will be your first stop. Fnd out what this decentralized, digital currency is, how it works & why it will revolutionize the (financial) world.


Bitcoin (BTC)

$ 19,313.76

≈ 25min

The Crypto that rules them all

coin-token Bitcoin

We read through the term, we watched the videos… now it’s time to check out the coin itself and see the market key indicators. In this summary, you’ll see Bitcoin’s price trends, value graphs and even more related data about Bitcoin. An unparalleled deep dive.

≈ 7min

In the beginning, Haber, Stornetta & Szabo created the Blockchain...

glossary-term Blockchain

… and Nakamoto saw that it was very good. 😉

The Idea of the Blockchain dates back to 1991. Satoshi Nakamoto combined it with Crypto in 2008 and Bitcoin was born. We dare to call it the invention of the century, if not the millennium. Find out how the Blockchain works on a basic level and how it incorporates coins & tokens into the disruptive powerhouse it is today.

≈ 22min

A tale of Bitville and smart money

multimedia Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville

There’s nothing like a light-hearted illustrated video to explain how Bitcoin and the FIAT financial system are interlinked. Grab your popcorn, watch the video and get ready for more.

≈ 16min

Let's get a bit technical

multimedia But how does bitcoin actually work?

This is an absolutely fantastic explainer video on how the Blockchain works. The author managed to expose a complex topic in an easy to understand and accessible way. A revelation to say the least.

≈ 27min

Fear, uncertainty & doubt

glossary-term FUD

Crypto is a nascent and disruptive technology. With these attributes comes a lot of misunderstanding, misinformation & fear of the unknown. Whether it’s disseminated unintentionally or deliberately, one of the most important tasks of Crypto supporters is to educate the public. That’s why you are here.

≈ 18min

Is Bitcoin a haven for criminals?

fud Only criminals use bitcoin

Now that you’re more familiar with the basics of Blockchain and Bitcoin, it’s time to dissect our first FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt). Namely that Bitcoin is mainly used by Criminals. This FUD is quite easy to dispel since on-chain analysis shows us that illicit transactions on the Blockchain vastly fall below the ones perpetrated with FIAT money.

≈ 15min

The de-facto Bitcoin advocate

mover Andreas Antonopoulos

He’s one of the most prominent advocates of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. He has a knack of explaining complex topics in a very simple and straightforward way. His books and videos have already attained legendary status. Follow this man and learn from him.

≈ 8min

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's home from work we go

glossary-term Bitcoin Mining

One of the most fascinating sequences of how Bitcoin is created is its mining process. Here, you’ll find out how Bitcoins are mined, what mining is and what the prerequisites are to be successful at it.

≈ 16min

The most valuable G.O.A.T. → YOU!

mover YOU

We saved the most important person for last, YOU! You’ve embarked on a truly epic journey of discovery and unlimited possibilities. We hope that you’ll be fascinated and inspired by what Crypto has to offer and that you in turn could educate the Crypto-curious.

≈ 8min

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.

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