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Switzerland's vibrant hub for distributed ledger technology (DLT)

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The Swiss authorities’ pragmatic, business-friendly attitude makes Switzerland a natural choice for developing blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for new global applications in a tokenized economy. With its high density of corporate headquarters and an established blockchain-savvy ecosystem, the country offers a collaborative network and legal certainty for introducing blockchain-based applications across industries. Switzerland both fosters innovation and offers a reliable regulatory framework.

Initiated in the city of Zug, “Crypto Valley” has established a worldwide reputation as a catalyst for new blockchain business ventures, with early movers such as Ethereum and Bitcoin Suisse paving the way. Meanwhile, Crypto Valley has spread far beyond the borders of Zug, now comprising leading blockchain ecosystems, each with its own original approach, in Zurich, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Ticino, Basel, Vaud, Bern, and Lucerne.
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Sirpa Tsimal
Director Global Marketing IP

Our highlights

Legal Certainty
Step by step, the Swiss government has been integrating new technologies into existing legislation to ensure legal certainty early on.
Trust and Integrity
The new DLT Framework ensures that the same rules apply to cryptocurrencies as to real monetary assets, also in combating money laundering.
Highly Developed Ecosystem
Innovation-friendly framework conditions and the legal certainty provided by the authorities have allowed the emergence of a unique and globally connected ecosystem.

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