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Remote by virtue | Decentralized by conviction | Innovative by design

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temu studio 1-10 employees
Temu studio is an owner-led Swiss creative consultancy & web-development company specialized in implementing innovative and disruptive online platforms. We are proud and delighted to work with clients and partners all over the world.

Efficient remote work is a paradigm we feel strongly about and thus wholeheartedly embrace. Our second pillar consists of decentralized ledger frameworks. We are absolutely convinced that these technologies will and already are revolutionizing the world as we know it. Our goal is to implement state-of-the-art websites for our clients.

By the way, we're the ones who ideated & created temuland. 😄
main contact
Robin Bucciarelli
Founder & CEO

Our highlights

You can’t improve anything if you can’t define it.

Each temu studio project starts with a proper assessment, followed by a sensible action plan and subsequent implementation. We’ll set your ship’s course, regardless of wind direction.
Brand identity & design
Branding is more than just your logo and stationery. It’s how you communicate, what values you represent, why you do what you do.

Your brand is how people perceive you, be it clients or employees.
Branding is key.
Web development
Each client requirement is different. We ensure that you get the solution you actually need.

Responsive, fast, extensible, customer-centric, easily maintainable, scalable, intuitive, accessible, inclusive – we do it all.
See if we're marriage material
Teamwork begins by building trust. See if we’re a fit for each other.
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temu studio's Team

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller
Robin Bucciarelli
Founder & CEO
Sabina Hofer
Chief of Battlegrounds

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