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DallE-3 Is (almost) Great!

Theoretically Media
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Today I'm taking a deep dive into OpenAI's Dall-E 3 and cutting through the hype to see if it really is a "Midjourney Killer" as is so often quickly proclaimed every time an AI Image Generator is released! We'll be using the Bing powered version of DallE-3, as the ChatGPT-4 version is not yet available, however, i do have an interesting workaround for you if you'd like to see what ChatGpt-4 integration will be like. We even have Dall-E 3 build Midjourney a website! (They've been needing one!) So, let's take a no-Hype look at Dall- E 3 and see how it does! Check out the first look at Dall-E 3 -vs Midjourney here: Join the Patreon here: LINKS Thanks for watching Theoretically Media! I cover a large range of topics here on the Creative AI space, Technology, Tutorials, and Reviews! Please enjoy your time here, and subscribe! 0:00 - Intro 0:38 - Pros and Prompting in Dall-E 3 01:41 - Comic Book Text In DallE-3 02:17 - Recreating a Comic In DallE-3 03:59 - Creating the Midjourney Webiste in DallE-3 04:27 - Other DallE-3 Looks 05:17 - ChatGPT-4 Workaround 06:36 - More Text in Dall-E 3 07:55 - Famous Faces in Dall-E 3 08:31 - Midjourney vs Dall-E 3 09:04 - Is Dall-E 3 Great?
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