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WEB3 is the new internet. We create places where WEB3 professionals can present themselves. Welcome to temuland’s WEB3 & crypto directory.

Promote your business, showcase your team, feature your open jobs & increase your reach.

what you'll get

Create with
the speed of light

Create your showcase in under 10 minutes. Refine and enhance at your heart's content.

Your brand,
your choice

Flavour your showcase with your brand. Add your brand color, logos & slogan.

SEO all the way

Optimize your SEO entry even further by adding metainformation such as industry sectors, descriptions & schemas.

Smells like team spirit

Showcase your team members, beautifully and in detail.

Hire like a boss

Add up to 20 open job positions to your showcase.


Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Embed video files, tweets, audio tracks & much more...


Leave it up to temuland to create your showcase. From beginning to end.
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Backend Hub

Managing and Updating your showcase has never been easier. temuland’s management console allows you to affect all aspects of your entry in a fast, fun and effortless manner.

Update your master data, define your brand color, add multimedia elements, showcase your team members, insert use cases, link your social media channels & much more.

landing page backend mockup – temuland crypto
landing page frontend mockup – temuland crypto

Frontend display

Here’s an example of your showcase entry in all its glory!

From contact information, to team members, feature lists, social media channels…

See for yourself.

Job Postings

Search and find the talent you’re looking for. The job addons can be bought and managed additionally to your showcase.

Enrich your showcase with open job positions which you can edit and modify whenever you like, without limit.

job management mockup


The whole of temuland is 100% mobile optimizied.


Assign a relevant coin or token to your showcase.

landing mobile mockup


Give your showcase even more flair with your company motto.


Steer potential customers to your most relevant services with temuland's customized call to action functionality.

Convinced & ready to go?

We hope that you’ve seen enough and decided that creating your WEB3 showcase is the way to go. Become a pioneer & join the revolution!