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showcase your company in less than 15 minutes create your company entry and assign a designated contact person or entity to it
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add your company's brand color give your showcase brand recognition by adding your personalized brand color, which will show up throughout your showcase
define sectors define sectors, which will tell your visitors what you do & help your showcase get found easier
add a location & opening times opening times will adapt to your location's local time
add your logo and logotype add your full logo with logotype and a smaller version of just your logo for optimal display
define your spoken & written languages tell visitors which language you speak & write to facilitate communication & open up possibilities
add your website, social media channels & more
leverage temuland's knowledge repository add relevant terms, coins & tokens, FUD to dispell in order to enrich your showcase
and a lot more for you to discover 😉
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Add team members, a gallery, your company motto, use cases & much more.
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present your team add teammembers with dedicates detail pages to your showcase
prominently display your claim add your company / brand claim to your showcase - it will get prominently displayed in the header
add features - tell your visitors what you're doing add up to 3 feature blocks to your showcase, giving your visitors a better understanding of what you're doing
enrich your showcase with a gallery add a gallery to your showcase - complete with title & caption for each image
add a multimedia section add external resources such as videos, tweets, music files etc.
Showcase your crypto Add a crypto coin / token you've created or working with to your showcase
upload PDFs feature white papers, use cases, brochures on your showcase
create a visually powerfull CTA section create a call-to-action section, promoting whatever you want / need
add a plethora of social media channels you have access to all available social media channels - you can even suggest your own
and much, much more as in basic, we've only scratched the surface on what you'll be able to do

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Robin Bucciarelli
Web3 is not only transforming the internet, but also disrupting sectors all across the board. From law, to finance, supply chain, etc. With temuland we're building the premier worldwide curated web3 directory where creators and companies can present themselves, beautifully.
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Robin Bucciarelli
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