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76 - Inflation in 2021 | Lyn Alden

August 2, 2021[display-multimedia-duration] 79

Lyn Alden returns to the podcast, this time to discuss Inflation. Founder of Lyn Alden Investments, we keep coming back to Lyn because of her sharp analysis and compelling macro takes.

We explore the three types of inflation, how they intersect and affect one another, and what this means for the global outlook of crypto and society.

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0:00 Intro
6:00 Lyn Alden & Overview
10:08 Fiscal Policies & COVID
19:02 3 Types of Inflation
27:22 Ordering & Measuring
32:50 The Long Arc of History
40:57 Transitory or Permanent?
49:22 Wages vs Assets
56:08 The Effects of Inflation
1:00:00 Winners and Losers
1:09:40 A Global Perspective
1:16:40 The Death of Dollar Dominance
1:23:03 Multi-Polar Reserve Currency
1:27:50 COVID Delta Variant
1:32:57 Where Crypto Comes In
1:39:12 Ethereum & The Bull Market
1:45:34 Advice for Listeners
1:48:34 Closing & Disclaimers

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