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THE BIG RESET: Use AI To Build Wealth & GET AHEAD Of 99% Of People | Peter Diamandis & Salim Ismail

Tom Bilyeu
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Kickstart Your Business: Restart Your Life in 7 Days Athletic Greens is offering our listeners a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase. Race to now! Imagine building a billion-dollar company that competes with the biggest companies in the industry, and doing it with a modest 3 person team powered by AI. We’re living through a time of rapid change and endless possibilities and opportunities, what are you going to do about it? While the fear of AI has a lot of people scrambling, anxious, or in denial about the implications of AI in their life and ability to earn a living and provide for their families, there are people like Peter Diamandis, Salim Ismail, and Tom Bilyeu that are going to leverage AI to the max to create a massive impact. Peter Diamondis and Salim Ismail have co-authored the book Exponential Organizations 2.0 where they break down the framework and key differences to exponential growth and success between Fortune 500 companies and some of the most successful unicorn companies of our time. Buckle up for this episode as we explore levels of success possible for individuals and small teams with little to no money simply learning how to leverage AI to build real world wealth and get ahead of 99% of the people out here running from and avoiding AI. What key points does this all come down to? AI is a massive disruption you can leverage or avoid The small team and individual advantage over big companies is agility Your passion and purpose will become your superpower. The best thing you can do to stay ahead of the 99% of people is embrace the change, stay agile, and make learning and personal growth still your number one priority. Register to join a FREE 3-hour workshop: QUOTES: “Every company should have a chief A.I. officer.” - Peter Diamandis “It takes time for all of us to switch from our old habits of how we do things to new ways.” “Every single product and service is or will be digitized, and if you’re CEO of a company and your products or services are not digitized, you’re in trouble cause someone else is going to do it to you.” -Peter Diamandis “I don’t want to protect myself by having IP rates, I want to protect myself by having the best product available.” -Peter Diamandis “The next 30 years will dictate the next 300 years.” -Salim Ismail “Abundance is not about a life of luxury for everybody, it’s about a life of possibility.” -Peter Diamandis “You build an organization and overtime you spend more time trying to sustain the organization than trying to solve the problem you set up to solve for.” -Salim Ismail Follow Peter Diamandis: Website: Twitter: Follow Salim Ismail: Website: Twitter:
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