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The Birth Of Synthetic Intelligence | David Shapiro | Escaped Sapiens #54

Escaped Sapiens
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Progress in AI development seems to be accelerating, and we might be living through a period in human history that is every bit as significant as the agricultural and industrial revolutions. We might be witnessing the dawn of synthetic general intelligence. In this conversation I speak with David Shapiro who is an AI researcher and YouTube content creator. We discuss the current state of the art LLMs, and the inevitable rise of autonomous AI given current global economic competition. We cover the social implications in the near term and existential threats in the long term, as well as alignment and AI control. ►Check out David's work on alignment here: ►Visit David's Youtube Channel: ►Join David's Discord: ►Support David's work on Patreon: These conversations are supported by the Andrea von Braun foundation (, as an exploration of the rich, exciting, connected, scientifically literate, and (most importantly) sustainable future of humanity. The views expressed in these episodes are my own and those of my guests. This episode looks at maintaining human cohesion, birthrates, social security, and world peace in the face of artificial general intelligence. Menu: 0:00 - Introduction 2:20 - Large Language Models. 9:00 - Limits of intelligence. 7:40 - Anti-science. 15:10 - Furry Machines. 17:05 - Super Intelligence. 22:30 - Emergence of Logic. 28:13 - Logic Puzzles. 30:09 - Advanced AI intuition. 33:30 - Is AI more than a tool? 35:40 - Are humans special? 43:50 - Population collapse. 48:50 - Regulated environments. 51:37 - Treating cancer. 58:28 - Should AI development be open? 1:00:30 - How might AI kill us? 1:18:20 - Demographic dividend (Impact on India). 1:22:40 - What is alignment? 1:29:30 - Power games. 1:36:00 - A great opportunity. 1:49:10 - Testing AI ethics before release. 1:58:55 - Humanity retreating from reality. 2:02:19 - Simulation hypothesis. 2:08:08 - Are we creating a god? 2:11:10 - Hope for the future. ►Subscribe And Turn On All Notifications To See More: Watch These Videos Next: ►Hacking The Blueprint Of Life | Michael Levin | Escaped Sapiens #37 ►How Your Evolved Psychology Controls You | Diana Fleischman | Escaped Sapiens Podcast #28 ►3 Months Lost at Sea, Human Endurance and Ingenuity | Steve Callahan | Escaped Sapiens Podcast #22 ►A Blueprint For Mars Colonization | Robert Zubrin | Escaped Sapiens Podcast #5
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