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AI for Beginners – Learn AI in 13 Minutes!

David Ondrej
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Learning about AI is the smartest thing you can do, because it’s going to change the world! Luckily for you, this is the ultimate AI tutorial. I'M HIRING! Help me build the Biggest AI channel on YouTube - Subscribe to learn more about AI! Follow me on Twitter - Credits: @RunwayML @ColdFusion Timestamps: 0:00 Why AI is important 0:47 7 essential AI terms 1:43 5 most important AI skills 2:18 How to use ChatGPT like a Pro 3:05 The people behind the AI revolution 4:11 How to create your first AI image 5:25 Why is AI growing so rapidly? 6:14 How to create custom AI voices 7:05 7 crucial mistakes beginners make 8:57 How to create AI videos 10:11 What jobs are at risk? 12:09 The best way to learn about AI 12:41 Warren Buffett's AI stock market portfolio The more you learn about AI, the more you want to learn.
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