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AI REVOLUTION: The #1 MEGATHREAT to Our Economy & How To PREPARE NOW | Raoul Pal

Tom Bilyeu
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FREE! "10 Steps to Beast-mode Your Business": On Today's Episode: Right now there are two kinds of people reading this. You’re either super excited about AI and all of the latest applications you can use with AI, or you’re from the camp of people ready to hunker down and start the doomsday clock. The best part of this episode is considering a range of possibilities across a spectrum of the implications of artificial intelligence. Raoul Pal joins Tom this time to deep dive on what kind of economic threat A.I. could be to the global economy. AI is quite possibly the end of civilization as we know it to be, it is also the beginning of untapped unimaginable outcomes for all of us. Raoul Pal is a retired hedge fund manager who co-founded Real Vision, a financial media company that offers interviews and publications from the world’s best investors. As the macro economist that Britain called on for help, his insights into the current recession, global economy, and volatile markets are well respected. A few reason this conversation will get you thinking even deeper on AI and the economy: To get informed now and decide how you respond to the arrival of the next level of AI. AI also allows us to do things we weren’t able to because we either lacked the talent or the skill This recession has been miserable but it’s still a natural cycle for us to go through Raoul shares his insights on if we’ve hit the bottom and are bouncing back or if we should proceed with even greater caution than before QUOTES: “I think of singularity also as that potential for mankind and machines to merge and the reason being is, A, we will adopt it because it’s better than us. The question is, what comes out after that, [...] you get to the point you’re augmented and then it’s who runs who.” “We as humans are just training AI, [...] I don’t think we understand what we’re doing training somebody who’s going to take us over.” “If you can afford to, invest in it [A.I.]. If not, be curious.” “The impossible is possible.” “Doom porn sells, it catches attention. Fear is the strongest human emotion.” “It’s in everybody’s interest for everybody to walk away from this one commodity ruling the world because it’s not the commodity we care about, it’s the energy we care about.” Follow Raoul Paul: Website: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:
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