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Cryptocurrency Custody Explained: Why Self-Custody Matters

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Ever wonder who really owns your crypto? Cryptocurrency custody can mean the difference between lost or frozen assets and the freedom to transact. Self-custody in cryptocurrency matters. In this video, learn the difference between true crypto ownership and partial custody on crypto exchanges. Crypto exchanges leave you susceptible to risks like regulation, freezing your assets as a result of insolvency, and security breaches . Today more than ever, online crypto exchanges are failing to provide consumer protection for crypto assets being held on their exchange. You’re not only open to a lot of risks – yes you can lose everything – but you also could lose control of your investments. Cold storage wallets, like Arculus™, grant you self-custody of your cryptocurrency. This means you have total access and control over your private keys, and in turn, your crypto assets. No account freezes. No risk of hacks.
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