Alt Season

“Alt Season” is the part of the overarching cryptocurrency market cycle where many altcoins go up quickly in price against the dollar and Bitcoin at once.

Alt Season is the part of the overarching cryptocurrency market cycle where many altcoins “moon” (go up quickly in price) against the and Bitcoin at once.

If you are looking for early signs of an alt season, look to the price action of the top Altcoins like CardanocardanoCardano (ada)4$ 2.200.62%3.98%3.79%details and Binance Coin.

You can also generally look for a divergence in the market cap of BitcoinbitcoinBitcoin (btc)1$ 66,799.430.36%6.99%18.82%details and Altcoins, and you can also look at BTC market dominance trends.

The Altcoin Season Index is a good indicator for signalling an Altseason trend and vice versa. If 75% of the top 50 Altcoins are performing better than Bitcoin, they classify it as alt season.

Also, look out for these hints:

Investigate Bitcoins’ dominance in the market. The largest alt season ever happened when Bitcoins dominance was at 50%

Look out for a number of parabolic Bitcoin price trends. These often signify the end of a bull run

Retail traders such as Robinhood or Revolut start announcing surges. This is generally new entrants to the cryptomarkets and a sign that hardened investors tend to take as a harbinger of doom

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